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Case studies

Pulze Studio

Web Design, Landing Page Development, API Routing

Empowering Fitness Journeys Online

Our engagement with Pulze Studio centered on designing and developing a web presence that mirrors the energy and empowerment philosophy of their HIIT fitness gym. We crafted a landing page that not only resonates with fitness enthusiasts but also drives traffic and engagement.

Our expertise in web design and development allowed us to create a platform that is both visually appealing and functional. By incorporating minimal API routing, we ensured that users enjoy a smooth navigation experience, reinforcing Pulze Studio’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the fitness industry.

Partnering with the team brought our vision for Pulze Studio to life online. Their dedication to understanding our ethos and translating it into a captivating web experience has been instrumental in elevating our brand and connecting with our community more effectively.

Ruben Morales, Founder of Pulze

Prop Sniper

Web Development, Machine Learning, Data Management

Predict The Future With Stats

Prop Sniper leverages the power of data analytics and machine learning to offer unparalleled predictions on NBA player performances. Our collaboration focused on developing a robust web platform that integrates complex algorithms with a user-friendly interface.

Through our expertise in web development and machine learning, we enabled Prop Sniper to process and analyze vast datasets, providing users with real-time predictions. The project not only showcased our ability to handle big data but also our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what iss possible in sports analytics.

The work on Prop Sniper has been nothing short of great. Their ability to turn complex data into actionable insights has transformed how we approach player performance predictions. Their commitment to excellence and innovation has made them invaluable partners in our journey.

Julio Sanchez, Founder of Prop Sniper

EDCON Builders

Web Development, SEO Optimization, API Routing

Engineering a Digital Presence

Our partnership with EDCON Builders was aimed at transforming their digital footprint. By developing a sleek, professional website, we highlighted their engineering prowess and showcased their extensive project portfolio to a broader audience.

Leveraging the latest in SEO strategies and web development technologies, we ensured EDCON Builders ranked prominently on Google, driving increased traffic and engagement. This project was a testament to our ability to blend technical development with strategic digital marketing.

Partnering with the team transformed our online visibility. Their expertise in web development and SEO optimization has not only enhanced our digital presence but also significantly increased our engagement with potential clients. Their work has been vital in showcasing our engineering capabilities to a wider audience.

David Ramos, CEO of EDCON

We approached Uniblock Studio because we loved their past work.

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